<strong>A new director for the Museum Vieille Montagne</strong>

A new director for the Museum Vieille Montagne

A vacancy for the position of director of the Museum Vieille Montagne had been running since August last year. Céline Ruess, the current director, had decided to apply for the vacancy for the position of director of the Maison de la Métallurgie et de l’Industrie in Liège. Céline had been working there before coming to Kelmis. A good thing for the “Maison” since Céline already knew the “Maison” well.

On 23 November 2022, after four years, Céline Ruess was waved off as director of the MVM.

Céline had led the museum since its inception in September 2018. We wish her well in her new position but are still sorry to see her go.

Céline Ruess, Inge Helge, Dörte Böhm, Mirko Braem, Patrick Creutz, Gino Milard, Christophe Dohlen 
Photo: Gemeinde Kelmis

As the MVM vacancy was not immediately filled, Inge Helge and Dörte Böhm kept things running excellently in the meantime.

On 6 February 2023, the new director was finally introduced: Jan Sabri Cetinkaya.

Luc Frank, Mirko Braem, Patrick Creutz, Jan Sabri Cetinkaya, Gino Milard, Jason Longerich
Photo: Gemeinde Kelmis.

Jan was born in Kempen, is 35 and has Turkish roots. He worked as a “Museumpädagoge” at Energeticon in Alsdorf (which is in Germany just above Aachen). This is a museum on the site of the “Grube Anna II”, a former coal mine.

Jan Sabri Cetinkaya is looking forward to the challenge and has set himself the goal of promoting Kelmis and the Vieille Montagne Museum not only in the region, but also beyond.

The first few months will certainly require him to explore, get acquainted…

Sandra De Baros Luna, Jan Sabri Cetinkaya, Inge Helge, Dörte Böhm, Béatrice Nkanza.
Photo: Gemeinde Kelmis.

Being VMHeritage, we naturally hope we can help him in his endeavours.

We wish him all the best in his new job. 

“Glück Auf!” they say in mining…

François Wouters 2023-02-10